The Campaign for Commercial Free Schools

CCFS unites teachers, parents, students, health care professionals, and others concerned with the commercialization of our schools. Our goal is to protect students and the quality of their education, and to advocate for sustainable public funding for education.

Our position

We believe that commercialism in schools prioritizes corporate profit over the public good.
Advertising directed at children:

  • has been shown to promote negative self-image, sexualization, brand loyalty, and eating disorders
  • can take away classroom time
  • can undermine the quality of the curriculum
  • takes advantage of the most cash strapped schools and vulnerable children
  • ultimately fails to be a positive solution to fiscal and educational challenges. Core educational needs should be publicly funded, so that all children can receive a high quality education without being sold to advertisers.

What we do

CCFS takes action on corporate involvement in Toronto‚Äôs schools, to raise awareness and make needed changes in our public policy and the enforcement of policy. We research, advocate, do media outreach and partner with grassroots efforts. We work against the corporatization of schools — and FOR sustainable public funding.

What you can do

Take the pledge here and leave a comment telling us you did!