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Director – Bruce Forsyth

Bruce is a secondary school curriculum leader, parent, and editorial board member of the Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers’ Federation D12 voice – an independent publication for OSSTF teachers. Bruce is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. His dissertation involves a Critical Discourse Analysis of Ontario Mental Health policies within a critical social framework informed by Foucault’s theory of disciplinary society.

Director – Rick Miller

Rick Miller is the Dora and Gemini award winning writer/director/performer of HARDSELL, a riveting ‘performance/lecture’ that boldly examines the commodification of everything and the lies inherent in advertising. In the play Miller raises the difficult question of how to live in this world of the HARDSELL, where lies constantly distract us from the truth. The play encourages audience members to confront their own complicity within consumer society. If we are biologically built to ‘sell’, to ‘produce’ and to ‘consume’, then what is it we are actually selling, producing and consuming? How much choice and freedom do we actually have?

Director – Dr. Brian Cook

Dr. Brian Cook is a researcher for the Toronto Public Health Department. In 2008, his work on children’s marketing led the Toronto Board of Health to unanimously call for a national ban on marketing to children. He has also done research on children’s marketing for the Public Health Agency of Canada and is involved in an international research project on children’s TV advertising across 12 countries.

Director – Vana Pistolis


Director – Michael McGuire


Director – David Clandfield

Dr. David Clandfield is a former principal of New College at University of Toronto and a professor emeritus teaching and researching the place of food in French culture. A former Board of Education trustee in Toronto, David devoted much of his career and many publications to educational reform.

Emeritus – Dr. Trevor Norris

Dr. Trevor Norris’ research focuses on the intersection of education, politics and philosophy, or, a political philosophy of educational thought. The main stream of his research concerns globalization, neo-liberalism, and democracy, with a specific focus on the political and pedagogical implications of consumerism. His most recent book, ‘Consuming Schools’, examines how the increasing prevalence of consumerism in contemporary society often equates happiness with the acquisition of material objects, and the impact of consumerism on politics and education. He is also a Co-Founder of the Campaign for Commercial Free Schools.